(Re)Creating Carly

{April 7, 2013}   Tea & Inspiration (Part 1)

Sundays have always been my favorite day. They’re a little slower than all the other days, a little more peaceful. If you’re like me, you like to start your Sunday mornings off with a cup of tea and a few chapters of that classic novel you haven’t had time for all week. It’s the perfect day to catch up on the desperately needed me-time that the workweek has undoubtedly swallowed up for itself.

I’ve decided that Sundays are also the perfect day to take stock in the positive changes that taking control over my finances has brought to my life.

Last Sunday, I did yoga for the first time in ages. Ninety minutes of P90X yoga—which is not your Grandma Yogi’s yoga. This is the kind of yoga that reminds you there are actually muscles buried deep beneath those layers of skin and fat. I wasn’t sure how it’d go because it’d been so long since I last did it. But my trusty little deltoids and quadriceps rallied awake (eventually) and I was even able to hold myself in crane—the Holy Grail of yoga positions—for an entire three seconds. (A little context: When I was at my fitness peak three  years ago, I was still only able to last 15 seconds.) By the time I’d finished the 90-minute session, I felt like a superhero. Or SuperYogi.


Now that I have a debt-free goal date set–July 1, 2014, I’ve started thinking about other goals I’d like to accomplish by then. Being in top physical shape is one of them.  I used to work out all the time, but the stress of my poor financial situation affected me so much that I didn’t have the energy for it. But now that the burden of my debt is lifting (and all it took for that to happen was simply starting to deal with it), I’m ready to unleash my inner SuperYogi. So by July 1, 2014, I’ve decided to join a friend in what, up until now, I’ve considered a practice in self-flagellation–a 13.1 mile run.  Yep. I’m going to run a half-marathon. (Note to self: Start practicing denial of last statement–just in case.)

This new-found delusion confidence is a direct result of my recent financial successes. Taking control of my finances has empowered me to take control over so many other areas in my life. I now know that I CAN accomplish any goal I set. And in order for me to reach my goal of being debt-free with my sanity intact–or at least partially intact–my life must be about more than just budgeting.  Oh, and the best thing about my new fitness goal? It’s free!

What goals have you created for yourself? Do you set deadlines to help motivate you?


Brigitte says:

I didn’t even know P90X had yoga! I thought it was just that intense workout…do you have a DVD? I have let my fitness be on the back burner for reasons beyond my control but I know that when I go to the gym, it ALWAYS puts me in better spirits. Taking control feels good and makes one feel empowered, more at peace. It sounds as if you’re have set some goals for yourself, Carly and are pursuing them with a vengeance! That is already a success. And yes, deadlines motivate me. I’m good at accomplishing them for others, not so much for myself sometimes. ;).

Carly says:

Thank you, Brigitte!! 🙂 And yes! P90X has a series of DVDs — all intense workouts and one of them is yoga. It’s one part terrible and five parts amazing. And there is nothing better than reaching the end, lying there in corpse position and feeling completely relaxed and restored. Too often I let myself forget how amazing these things make me feel and fall off the fitness wagon. (WHY?) I’m hoping setting a goal will help keep that from happening again. Deadlines are a huge motivator for me, but I know what you mean about it being easier to meet them for others as opposed to yourself. One of the things taking control of my finances has helped me start doing is put myself first (which absolutely does not come naturally to me–and is part of the reason I’m in this situation). I don’t mean that in the I’m-now-going-to-be-a-selfish-jerk kind of way — but more in the way of making sure my own needs are met and not feeling the need to apologize for it. HUGE step!

Carly, did you know JackRabbit sports has free yoga at their various locations throughout the week? I went Saturday and it was great!

Carly says:

I didn’t know that, but will have to check it out. Thanks for the tip!

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